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Apple Pay

Apple Pay allows merchants to accept payments with their ShopSite store using Authorize.Net or Braintree (ShopSite v14.0 r3.7 or greater) in conjunction with Apple's payment infrastructure. This page has two parts. The first is a reference for the fields found on the Apple Pay configuration screen. The second is a walkthrough of the steps necessary to set up Apple Pay. Before you begin, verify that your domain and ShopSite installation meet all of the following prerequisites:

You can test Apple Pay in your store with a supported Apple device with Touch ID. Supported devices can be found here:


On the Commerce Setup screen, select Payment, then check the box for Apple Pay and click Configure. You will see a screen with the following fields:


Store name to display

The Store Name that will display on Apple Pay checkout.

Merchant ID (Authorize.Net only)

The contents of this read-only field will be used when setting up Apple Pay with Authorize.Net.

Domain to register

The contents of this read-only field will be used when setting up Apple Pay, and should be the domain where ShopSite is running.

Domain validation file

This field provides the directory where you'll place the domain validation file you'll receive from Apple. See instructions below.

Merchant Identity Certificate (Authorize.Net only)

This field is used during setup to generate a private key and CSR when using Authorize.Net. See Authorize.Net instructions below.

Web Domain Registration (Braintree Only)

This field is used during setup to register your domain with Braintree. See Braintree instructions below.

Button Settings

Button Type
Select a button type to use for the Apple Pay button. Choose between "Apple Pay" or "Buy with Apple Pay".
Button Size
Select a button size to use for the Apple Pay button. The Apple Pay button size should be no smaller than your regular Checkout Button. Choices include: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. Defaults to "Medium".
Button Color
Select a color to use for the Apple Pay button. Choices include: White button with black outline and lettering, solid black button with white lettering, and white button with no outline and black lettering. Defaults to white button with black outline and lettering.

Braintree Specific Setup

If you are using Braintree as your payment gateway follow these steps on the Apple Pay config screen (Commerce Setup > Payments):

  1. Enter your store name in the Store name to display field
  2. Initially the Domain validation file will be "Missing." Download the domain association file from Braintree.
  3. There will be an "Upload" button displayed if ShopSite can upload the file. Otherwise, manually upload the file via FTP or another method to a directory off the document root of your domain. The directory and file name to use is:
    Note that the directory name begins with a period.
  4. Select "click here to validate" if the file is validated you will now see "present" displayed.
  5. Initially the Web Domain Registration will say "not registered" select the "Register Domain" button and you should now see "Registered"
  6. Log into your Braintree account, select the gear icon in the upper right corner, then select Processing Options and ensure that Apple Pay is on.
  7. Apple Pay will now show up in the checkout only if you are using the appropriate Apple device.

Authorize.Net Specific Setup

Apple Pay Setup, Part 1: Authorize.Net account

You will first need to enable Apple Pay as a Digital Payment Solution for your account.

  1. Open a new tab or browser window to your Authorize.Net account.
  2. Click on Digital Payment Solutions.
  3. Click on "Sign Up" in Apple Pay section.
  4. Follow the instructions there, pasting the Merchant ID from ShopSite when prompted, then generate the CSR and download it.

Apple Pay Setup, Part 2: Apple Developer account (when using Authorize.Net)

Next, you'll be swapping information between ShopSite and your Apple Developer account.

  1. Open a new tab or window and go here and login with the Apple ID you enrolled into Apple Developer Program.
  2. Go to "Certificates, IDs & Profiles" in the menu on the left side.
  3. Click on Identifiers (in the left hand section)
  4. Click on seach icon in the upper right hand side, from the drop-down select the Merchant IDs.
  5. Create new Merchant ID by clicking '+' in the top-right corner.
  6. Provide a description in description field.
  7. Paste the Merchant ID from ShopSite into the ID field then Click "Continue".
  8. Verify Information then Click "Register".
  9. On the Registration Complete screen Click "Done".
  10. Click on the newly-created merchant ID then Click "Edit".
  11. Review and accept the Apple Agreement.
  12. Click "Create certificate" and follow any prompts.
  13. When prompted, upload the CSR you downloaded in Part 1.
  14. Click "Download" to retrieve your Certificate then Click "Done".
  15. Click on Merchant IDs in Identifiers section.
  16. Click on the merchant ID.
  17. Click "edit".
  18. Click "Add Domain" in the Merchant Domains section.
  19. Copy the "Domain to register" field from ShopSite to the provided field.
  20. Download the domain association file.
  21. If your store has access to the domain root, you can upload the downloaded file in "Domain validation file" section. If not, you need to manually place it so it's accessible from the browser at "[your domain]/.well-known/apple-developer-merchantid-domain-association.txt".
  22. Click "Verify".
  23. With the validation file in the correct place on your server, click the "Create new private key and CSR" link in the merchant identity certificate section on ShopSite.
  24. Click "Download CSR"
  25. Back on the Apple Developer tab, click on "Create Certificate" in the "Merchant Identity Certificate" section (near the bottom of the page). Follow prompts.
  26. When prompted, upload the CSR you received when you created a new private key and CSR.
  27. Download the certificate (filename is merchant_id.cer).
  28. Finally, back on the ShopSite tab, upload the new Merchant ID certificate.

After completing all of the steps above, click Save and Enable to save your configuration settings and return to the Payment Configuration screen, or click Cancel to abandon changes on this screen.

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Last updated: July 31, 2017
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