Merchant Search

ShopSite Pro stores include a merchant search feature in the back office. This feature, which provides a search tool to find specific items quickly and easily, is available for Pages, Products, Coupons, Gift Certificates, Registered Customers, and Rewards.

Search Results List

The search results list is a select field that allows you to select items and perform actions on them. Different actions are available based on the feature you are working with, and you should see the individual help screens for details on these features. The Search Results List will only appear after a search has been performed.

Search Tool

The search tool appears below the search results list (or alone, if no search has been performed yet). Merchants can search for individual items or groups of items based on specified criteria.

Search Field
This field contains a list of table fields to use in the search. Different fields are available based on the type of item you are editing. The default is the item name. Other examples of useful fields to search are Product Name, Product Descriptions, Page Text fields, Coupon discounts, or Gift Certificate recipients. If you are using Doba, you can search for Doba information in Products and Orders.
The operator allows you to specify how the search will use the keywords. By default, the operator is Contains, which will search the selected field and return any results that contain the search keywords. Other options include Is for exact matches, Is Not for anything that does not contain the keyword, or Is Less Than and Is Greater Than for numeric comparison searches.
Search Keywords
This text field allows you to enter the term you want to search for (based off the selected operator). You can enter any string you want to search for, or use the asterisk (*) or question-mark (?) as wildcards. The asterisk wildcard will allow the substitution of any number of characters where the asterisk is (for example, searching for be*r would return any items with bear and better. The question-mark wildcard is a single character substitution, so searching for be?r would return bear but not better.
Search Button
Click this button to perform a search using the criteria selected above.
List All Button
This button will return a complete listing of items.
Remember Search
Check this box if you want to see the same search results list when you return to this screen later.
This drop-down menu only appears on the Orders screen. Sorting allows you to specify the sorting applied to the displayed orders. By default, sorting is set to Order Number Ascending, which will sort the orders from lowest order number to highest. Other options include Order Number Descending, Search Criteria Ascending (which uses the supplied search criteria to return a list that is then sorted from lowest order number to highest), and Search Criteria Descending. Click the Search button to sort based on this drop-down menu.

When selecting the Seach Criteria Ascending and Search Criteria Descending options from the Sorting drop-down box, some options in the Search Field drop-down box are not used when sorting; instead, they will default to the order number. These options include: Orders using Gift Certs; PayPal Pending; PayPal Complete; buySAFE; Doba Products; Notes; and Order Source.

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Last updated: October 17, 2017
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