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Doba Configuration


If you have not previously configured your store to use Doba, you will see the Doba Wizard Start screen instead of this screen.

ShopSite's integration with Doba drop shipping service makes it easy for you to quickly add products to your store, whether you're adding to an existing inventory or starting from scratch. Doba has more than 1,500,000 products from more than 200 suppliers who will ship orders directly to your customers, saving you time and money.


Doba drop shipping services currently only offer shipping within the United States. Some shippers may not ship to Alaska and Hawaii

To start selling Doba products in ShopSite, do the following:

  1. Become a Doba Merchant
  2. Complete the Doba Wizard
  3. Configure Doba Settings in ShopSite
  4. Create a Doba Inventory List
  5. Import the Inventory List to ShopSite

Become a Doba Merchant

To become a Doba merchant, sign up for a free trial account. Your trial account will automatically become a regular paid account at the end of the trial period.

  1. Go to the Doba Website.
  2. Click the Start Now button to begin your free trial Doba account.
  3. Enter your email address, which will be used as your Doba username, and your password (minimum 5 characters) in the fields provided, then click Next to continue to the second registration page.
  4. Enter your name, address, and phone number in the fields provided, then click Next to continue to the final registration page.
  5. Enter your Credit Card information into the fields provided, then click Start Membership to complete your registration. After you have completed your registration, you will be taken to the Doba Dashboard, where you can manage your Doba account and products.

Complete the Doba Wizard

The Doba Wizard will guide you through the process of linking your ShopSite store with your Doba Merchant account. This allows ShopSite to import Doba product listings and submit orders to your Doba account.

Configure Doba Settings in ShopSite

Once you have ShopSite working with your Doba account, you must configure how ShopSite will handle importing and orders for Doba products:

Doba Configuration

Doba Inventory List(s) Select one or more of your Doba Inventory lists and click the Download button to import the products from the list into ShopSite.
Doba Retailer ID Read-only. This is your Doba retailer ID. You must use the wizard to enter or change your retailer ID.

Shopping Cart message text

These messages are displayed to indicate that the product will be shipped from the supplier (rather than from you) when a Doba product is added to the shopping cart.

Foot Note Enter the text used to indicate the existence a footnote.
Foot Note Message Enter the message text for footnote
Direct Ship Label Enter the text to indicate direct shipping

Cannot Order Notification

Fill out this section to have ShopSite automatically e-mail you if a customer tries to order an item that is out of stock.

To Enter the e-mail address the out of stock notification should be sent to.
Subject Enter a message subject line
Message Enter the text of the e-mail message to be sent, along with the information about the out of stock item.

Item Unavailable Message

Message Enter the text that will be displayed to a customer when they try to order an item that is out of stock.

Item Available Message

Message Enter the text displayed to a customer when they try to order more of an item than there is in stock.

Shopping Cart Out of Stock message text

This information will be displayed in a warning message if a customer tries to checkout with a product that is out of stock.

Product Enter the text to use for a product.
In stock Enter the text to indicate a product is in stock.
Checkout Suspended Enter the text to indicate the checkout process can not continue because the product is unavailable.


Doba suppliers only ship to locations within the United States. This message will appear if they select a shipping destination outside the United States.

Only shipping to United States Allowed Enter text to notify customers that their shipping address must be within the United States.


Number of seconds to wait for a connection to Doba Use the pull-down to select the number of seconds ShopSite should wait for a connection to the Doba server.

Create a Doba Inventory List

To start selling Doba products through your ShopSite store, you must first identify which products you want to offer. This is done by creating a Inventory List of items available on the Doba website. ShopSite can import any or all Inventory Lists you create, and you can use the Inventory List name to search for products in your store. This makes it easy for you to create categorical Inventory Lists and then quickly assign products from a specific Inventory List to a page in your store.

  1. Go to your Doba dashboard and click the Catalog link in the top navigation button.
  2. Search for products you want to sell using the search filters on the left of the screen.
  3. Click the View Details link to view the details of a product you want to sell.
  4. Hover your mouse over the Add to Inventory List link.
  5. Click the name of the Inventory List you want to add the product to, or click ... add to new Inventory List.

Import the Inventory List to ShopSite

Once you have a Inventory List, ShopSite can automatically import information about the products on the Inventory List into your store.


If you have already imported a Doba product into ShopSite, the Doba Last Updated time will be checked. If Doba has updated any product information, the product will be updated in ShopSite as well. Any product fields with information provided by Doba (see the list below) will be set to the Doba-supplied value. This includes the product price.

  1. Go to the Doba Configuration screen in your ShopSite back office. When the screen loads, ShopSite will check with your Doba account and update the list of Watch Lists you can import.
  2. Enter the percent off the MSRP you want to apply to imported products.
  3. Select the name of the Inventory List you want to import, then click Download. ShopSite will open a pop-up window to show you the status of the download.
  4. Click Finished to close the pop-up window when the download has completed.

The imported items will now appear as products in your Products list, and the following fields will be updated with information provided by Doba or the supplier:

You can edit any of the fields, as well as change any other product settings, then add them to whichever Pages you want them to appear on. The Merchant Search feature allows you to search for Doba products based off the watch list ID, so you may wish to use that when assigning products to pages. Once you Publish your changes, the Doba products will be available for your customers to purchase.

When a customer finalizes a purchase of a Doba product, ShopSite will recognize the product and forward the order information to your Doba dashboard.

The video below provides an example of how to configure DOBA drop shipping to work with ShopSite.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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