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Google Pay


Google Pay allows shoppers to pay with their Google Pay account using a browser on their desktop, Android phone or iPhone.

Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get started with Google Pay.


Google Pay requires the Braintree payment gateway.

  1. You will need a Braintree Sandbox (test) account. If you do not already have a sandbox account, sign-up here.
  2. Within ShopSite on the Braintree config screen select "Test Server". If this is the first time connecting the sandbox account, select the "Connect with Braintree" button and sign-in.
  3. Within your Braintree control panel enable Google Pay by clicking the Gear Icon, select processing in the pull-down, then turn on Google Pay.
  4. With the Google Pay Merchant ID left blank (see below) Google Pay will be in test mode. Take screen shots of the checkout flow using Google Pay and place them in a shared drive such as a Google Docs document. You will need screenshots of:
  5. Submit your request to google for Production access. Many of the fields are self-explanatory here's what you should use for the following fields:
  6. Once you have submitted your production request let us know so we can contact the Google Pay team on your behalf. From the ShopSite back office click on Help in the upper right corner and in the drop-down list select support. In the box to Describe your issue indicate that you just submitted a Production access request to Google Pay.
  7. When approved by Google you will receive an email asking you to log in and complete the developer profile. Please note the following:
  8. Now you can go live with your Braintree account and test. If you do not already have a production Braintree account, contact Braintree.
  9. To go live with Braintree, go to the ShopSite Braintree config screen and select "Live Server." If this is the first time connecting the Live account, select the "Connect with Braintree" button and sign-in.


From the Commerce Setup screen, select Payment, then select Google Pay beneath the logo click Configure. You will see a screen with the following fields:

Google Pay Merchant ID
When blank, Google Pay will be in test mode. Once your Production access requestion has been approved by Google (see above) enter the Merchant ID they provided here. Note: do not confuse the Google Public ID with your Google Pay Merchant ID. The Public ID will not work.
Merchant Name
Enter your business name.
Button Size

Indicate the size of the Google Pay button you wish to use.

Button Color

Indicate the color scheme to use for Google Pay. Note that Google's requirements say to "Use black buttons on white or light backgrounds to provide contrast. Use white buttons on dark or colorful backgrounds."

Fill in the proper values and click Save and Enable.

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Last updated: February 19, 2020
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