ShopSite Privacy Policy

ShopSite produces eCommerce software. Its products include ShopSite Pro, ShopSite Manager, ShopSite Starter and ShopSite Express which merchants use to create their ShopSite stores. ShopSite, Inc., the company, does not collect shopper data from ShopSite stores hosted at our partners.

Data for Payment

Depending on the payment method the store uses, ShopSite may collect all of the following shopper information for credit card processing: The information is collected so that payment can be processed and shipping can occur for physical goods. The payment data will be shared with a payment processor as well as the order total and possibly order details such as the products ordered. Payment processors include but are not limited to:

Data for Shipping

In order to ship a physical good a shipping address is needed as well as product weight, box sizes, and order totals. This information will be shared with a shipper. Shippers include but are not limited to:

Data for Tax

If a store is using a tax service then shipping address and order details will be shared so that accurate tax rates can be calculated. Tax services include but are not limited to:

Data for Analytics

Pages browsed, including checkout, may be tracked by Google Analytics and will be logged by the Web Server. The information tracked and logged will include the shopper’s IP.

Data collected when browsing the store

If the store has Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media links/badges on its site, shopper data via cookies may be shared with those services. The store may collect e-mail addresses if the shopper decides to submit them and the e-mail address may be share with e-mail vendors such as Constant Contact.

Data Collected when Registering

If ShopSite Pro’s Customer Registration is enabled and the shopper chooses to register then their Billing, Shipping, Payment, and previous Order Details may be stored to enable easy checkout the next time they order.


Cookies are small files stored by the shopper’s browser on their device. They are used to remember preferences and improve the browsing and checkout experience. ShopSite uses the following cookies:

Data Retention

Orders- When an order is completed the order information (including email, name, address, products, shipping method, etc.) is stored in a ShopSite database. That information remains there until the merchant deletes the order.

Customer Registration - Shoppers can delete orders, addresses, and payment methods. The actual login account remains active until the merchant deletes it.

Cookies -

Data Removal

Orders- Orders and the accompanying data can be deleted by the merchant. To remove see Delete Orders in the Orders section

Customer Registration - to remove an account and the associated data see Delete in the Commerce Setup > Customer Registration section.

Cookies - can be cleared by the Shopper. The method used depends on the browser and device. See wikiHow for more information.

Fulfilling Data Requests

The following methods can be used to provide data to customers.

Orders- to download orders in ShopSite Manager and Pro see Download Selected Orders in the Orders section

Customer Registration - To download ShopSite Pro Customer registration data see Download Customers in the Commerce Setup > Customer Registration section.