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Google Sitemap Configuration

A Sitemap lets you tell Google's search engine what you want them to know about your Web site, and can help improve your Google ranking. ShopSite can automatically create a sitemap for your ShopSite generated pages, and update it whenever you publish new content.

If you have not created and registered a sitemap before, you may want to use the Sitemap Wizard to help guide you through the process, including signing up with Google and filling out the fields below.

Sitemap Configuration Settings

Enter the sitemap information in the form fields below.
Google Site Verification File
When you are registering your site with Google, you will be required to create a file on your site to prove you actually manage the site. Google will provide you with a filename to create. Enter the filename here and click Save to have ShopSite create the file.
Sitemap URL
This is the URL where your sitemap will be created. When you register your sitemap with Google, enter this URL.
Page Change Frequency
This value is included in your sitemap to tell Google how frequently your site changes. You should set this based off the average frequency you update your site. Setting the frequency to a higher-than-average frequency will not improve your ranking.
Include Custom Sitemap (optional)
If you want to include information about non-ShopSite generated content on your site, you can create a sitemap and upload it to your Store's HTML Output directory. To include it in your ShopSite sitemap, enter the filename of the sitemap here.

Click the Save button to save your settings, or click Cancel to abandon your changes and return to the Google Services screen

You can click the Wizard button to go through the Sitemap Wizard, even if you have already configured ShopSite to generate a sitemap.

Click the Go to Google Tools go to image button to open the Google Webmaster Tools website in a new window.

The video below provides an example of how to configure a sitemap using Google and ShopSite.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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