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Value Added Tax (VAT/GST)

This screen lets you configure ShopSite to calculate Value Added Tax (VAT/GST) based off your country and the country and Postal Code of your customer.

European Union VAT configuration Select your country from the pull-down menu, and ShopSite will automatically populate the VAT rates, countries, and exemptions.
Configure VAT/GST rates Enter the tax calculation rates to use for the default tax rates and tax rate 1 through 4. You can then select which rate applies to individual products.
Charge VAT/GST in the following countries Click Configure to go to the States and Countries configuration screen and select which countries to calculate VAT/GST for. A list of currently selected countries will appear beside the Configure button.
Configure geographical exemption areas Use the pull-down menu to select how many geographical exemption areas to use. For each exemption area, select the appropriate country from the pull-down menu, then enter the Postal Code matching pattern for the exemption area.

You can use an asterisk (*) to match any number of characters (e.g. *49 would match both 249 and 12749, and AE* would match AET, AERO, and AELUT), or use a question mark (?) to match any one character (e.g., 809?? would match 80943 and 809F2, but not 8093).

VAT/GST options Check this box to have ShopSite include the VAT/GST rate as part of the product price on Store Pages and More Information Pages. This setting does not affect Shopping Cart screens.
Display EU VAT-ID Check this box to display the EU VAT-ID. There are also fields for the text to display both for the customer's VAT-ID entry box and for the error message displayed when customers enter an invalid VAT-ID.

When you have finished configuring your VAT/GST settings, click Save Changes to save your settings and return to the Commerce Setup screen, or click Cancel to return without saving your changes.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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