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AvaTax provides you with on-the-fly and up-to-date tax calculations. This feature requires a current AvaTax OnDemand account. To access your AvaTax account or to create a new account, please visit the AvaTax website.

AvaTax Setup


Choose whether to use the test server or the production server. Only select the test server if you have an AvaTax test account.

Account Number

Your AvaTax account number goes here.

License Key

The AvaTax license associated with your account goes here.

Company Code

The AvaTax company code that correlates with this business/store.

AvaTax Timeout

This will determine how long ShopSite will wait for a response from AvaTax before timing out the connection. This connection is established every time a product is added to the customer's shopping cart or the recalculate button is pressed.

Merchant Address


Provide the street name and number for your business address in up to three fields.


Provide the city of your business address in this field.


Provide the state or province for your business address in this field.

Postal Code

Provide the postal code for your business address in this field.


Provide the country for your business address in this field.


ShopSite can be set to only use AvaTax to determine taxes from specific states or provinces.

States/Provinces to Collect Tax For

If this field is set to "All States/Provinces", ShopSite defaults to send all transactions to AvaTax to determine appropriate taxes. If you only want to use AvaTax to determine taxes for particular states or provinces, select "Only these States/Provinces Included" and use the menu to add the desried states or provinces to be taxed.

Tax Codes

Tax Codes

Using AvaTax, determine the tax codes you wish to assign to the products in your online store and type them here. These codes can then be assigned to your products using the Add Product/Edit Product interface.


The default tax code, specified here, is used when no tax code is provided for a given product.


Set the check box if you have non-taxable products. A default tax code, specified in the text box, will be used when no tax code is provided for a non-taxable product.


All tax is handled by AvaTax. If you need to tax shipping for products, provide a shipping tax code here.


All tax is handled by AvaTax. If you need to tax surcharges for products, provide a surcharge tax code here.

Shopper Messages

Tax Recalculated

This message will appear when address information is provided by the customer during checkout. It is displayed in order to inform customers of possible changes to the listed tax. The default message is "Tax was recalculated due to better address information".

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Last updated: September 16, 2013
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