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Order API

Use this screen to configure ShopSite to run one or more CGI applications when customers make purchases. Your custom programs could do things like:

Be sure that your applications conform to the Order API Specification.


Windows programmers should be aware of the Special considerations for Windows Servers.


Some Order API applications may be incompatible with the PayPal payment method. If the PayPal payment method is enabled, the Order API application must not send any output to the browser (stdout).

Custom CGI Location
(Read only) The path to the ShopSite shopping cart directory. Order API applications can only be run from that directory.
Custom CGI Filename(s)
Enter the file name of the custom CGI application in the shopping cart directory. If you want ShopSite to run more than one application, enter the names in the order in which you want them run, separated by commas.

Only enter the file names of the custom CGI applications if you are sure they are ready to run. If improper permissions are set on the custom CGI, no orders will be processed.

You can enter customdump.cgi to see a sample program run; it should already be in your shopping cart directory. It will display all the information that is passed to it and display it on the receipt screen.

You can also study the sample Perl CGI program as an example. It simply passes through all of the information that it receives, like the customdump.cgi program.

E-mail receipts to buyer, merchant?
Check this box if you still want ShopSite to e-mail receipts to buyers and merchants.
Screen receipt for buyer?

Check this box if you still want ShopSite to display a receipt on the customer's screen. If your custom API displays a receipt to the customer, leave this box unchecked.

Remove html from Ordering Instructions

Setting this check box will remove any html the shopper may have entered in the Ordering Instructions field in the shopping cart.

Remove html from Comment Field?

Setting this check box will remove any html the shopper may have entered in the Comments/More Information field on the billing screen.

Do not pass the input from thankyou.cgi

Setting this check box prevents the values from the billing screen from being passed to thankyou.cgi. For example, the output from the sample program customdump.cgi starts at the F-Name= field and everything before that is not passed. From the Order API Spec, the entire section from "Input to thankyou.cgi" to the "F- Values" section will not be passed.

Pass Payment Information?

Select whether or not payment information such as Credit Card numbers should be sent to the external CGI. If you include payment information and are using merchant key encryption for credit card numbers, the card number will be encrypted in the Order API output.

Additional Parameters

Use these fields to enter any values required by your custom CGI applications, such as your account number.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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