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The fields on the Locale screen control the languages that you and your customers see, and the currency used in your store.

Merchant Language
This field sets the language and currency punctuation that you will see in ShopSite as you are working with products and pages, viewing reports, and working with orders. The language that you choose here does not affect what customers see in your store.
Customer Language
This field sets the language and currency punctuation that customers will see in your store, including the shopping cart, order form, and receipt pages.

Note that changing the customer language resets all of the fields in all of the Store Text screens. If you have customized any of those fields, your changes will be overwritten.

Currency (primary)
Select the primary currency for use in your store. This field controls the currency symbol and its placement in prices.
Currency (alternate)
If you want to display prices in your store in two currencies, select a second currency here. Selecting a currency in this field activates the two-currency feature. Note that prices and totals on the order form are only calculated and displayed in the first currency.
Exchange Rate
Enter the exchange rate to convert product prices in the primary currency to prices in the alternate currency. When you create or modify a product, you enter the price in the primary currency only. ShopSite multiplies that price by the exchange rate that you set here to determine the price in the alternate currency.
Round Shopping Cart Values
Some countries are discontinuing the use of monetary denominations smaller than five cents (or the country's equivalent). Set this check box to round the value of every item, cost (like shipping) and tax in the Shopping Cart up or down to the nearest five cents (or equivalent). This means that X.X1 and X.X2 round down to X.X0; X.X3 and X.X4 round up to X.X5; X.X6 and X.X7 round down to X.X5; and X.X8 and X.X9 round up to X.10. Note: You can still set prices for your products to any value, but the price change will occur in the shopping cart.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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