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Create Resized Images

ShopSite allows you to create up to three resized copies, in addition to the original image. This makes it possible to upload one image, then include different sizes of the image in different locations.


ShopSite can resize gif, jpg, and png images. Any other file type (including other image formats) will not be resized. Images with transparency can be resized but the transparency will be removed in many cases. If transparency is removed from the image, it may change the appearance of the image.

One example of using resized images:

You can control settings for each of the three resized images (including whether or not to make them) on the Images Configure screen. Each product lets you select a product image and a More Information Page image, then select which of the available sizes to use. The Search Layout and the Order System Layout screens include the option to include the Product Image in the search results or shopping cart contents, and which of the available sizes to use.

When you select images from the Images screen and click the Create Resized Images button, you will get a confirmation screen that includes information about the resized images that will be created. Click on Proceed to create the resized images using those settings, or click Cancel to return to the Images screen without creating the resized images.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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