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Quantity Pricing Groups

Merchants can use Quantity Pricing Groups to offer quantity discounts on combinations of similar products. When a customer purchases several products in the same group, the quantity of each qualifying product in the cart is added together to create the number used to calculate the discount according to the quantity pricing table for each individual product.

This screen allows you to create quantity pricing groups. You can then go to the Products screen and create quantity pricing tables and assign groups to specific products.

Current Groups This section lists the groups you have created.
Delete Select a group from the Current Groups list, then click Delete to delete that group. In the pop-up warning, click OK to confirm the action.
Create a New Group Enter the name of the new group you want to create, then click Add. Once the group is created, it will appear in the Current Groups list.
Done Click this button to return to the Merchandising screen after managing your groups.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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