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Google Merchant Center allows you to submit your individual products to be searchable on Google Shopping (formerly called Froogle) and the main Google web search. Simply configure how ShopSite should send product information, select the products you want included, and then click a button to submit your products to Google Merchant Center.


VAT is automatically added to the product if the feature (VAT) is enabled.


Google Merchant Center is the name of the new tool for submitting product information to Google Shopping (formerly Froogle) and to Google's main web search. Throughout ShopSite, the terms Google Shopping and Google Merchant Center are used interchangably when discussing the product information submission process.

See the Google Merchant Center Configuration help for instructions on signing up to use Google Merchant Center.

Froogle/Google Merchant Center Datafeed

Feed Last Submitted
The time and date you last submitted a feed is displayed as a link. You can see the feed report log by following the link.
Number of Products submitted
The number of products included in the most recent feed.
Send Feed
Click this button to submit your product information to Google Merchant Center. See the Submitting a Feed to Google Merchant Center section below for more information.
Merchant Center go to image
Click this button to go to your Google Merchant Center account in a new window.
The Configure screen sets up your options for how information will be submitted to Google Merchant Center
Click the Cancel button to return to the Google Features screen.

Submitting a Feed to Google Merchant Center

To submit your product information to Google Merchant Center:

  1. Make sure you have completed all the steps to Configure ShopSite to send product information to Google Merchant Center.
  2. In your store back office, go to Merchandising > Google > Product Search and click the Send Feed button.
  3. If you are using the API, you may need to click the button to Grant Access for your shopsite store to submit your product information to Google Merchant Center
  4. If you are using the API and are not already signed in on Google, you will be prompted to enter your Google account and password.
  5. ShopSite will submit your product information to Google Merchant Center. Once the submission completes, click on Cancel to return to the Froogle/Google Merchant Center information screen.

It can take several hours for Google to process your submission before it will be available on Google Merchant Center.


When you submit a feed, you will see a summary of the submission, including the number of products submitted, and if there were any errors generated. You can also see the summary of your most recent submission by clicking on the Feed Last Submitted date. The summary screen has a link to display the raw feed.

The video below provides an example of how to configure Google Shopping to work with ShopSite.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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