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Configure Digital Downloads

Use this screen to control how your customers access digital downloads, and to manage the files that youíll be selling as digital downloads. When your customers purchase digital download products, you can configure ShopSite to let them access the files from the Thank You screen, from the e-mail receipt, or when you manually send them access keys.

File Selection Method
Select whether you want to use a drop-down box or a pop-up window to manage digital files.

Image Upload

This setting allows Internet Explorer users the option to select multiple files using a flash-based interface. The Flash-based interface provides a number of improvements over the standard file upload, including the ability to queue more than 30 files for upload and easy image selection through the Windows File Explorer interface.

Choose file upload method
If you are using Internet Explorer and want to use the flash-based upload method, select "Adobe Flash Player". Otherwise, leave this set to "Basic HTML Submit Form".

Adobe Flash Player Options

These options apply to the Flash-based file upload. They only appear when "Adobe Flash Player" is selected as the file upload method.

File types for selection
Provide the extension for the desired file types. For example, "pdf, zip, exe" would allow users to select files that had .pdf, .zip, and .exe extensions. This list will probably be similar to the list of MIME types required below.
Server response time
Adjust this field (time in seconds) for servers that require more time to respond to requests. This field defaults to "20".
Upload details
This check box provides additional details when uploading files.

Download Options

Configure the details for Digital Downloads.

Download Expiration Time
Set the amount of time that customers have to download files after completing a purchase. ShopSite will display an error screen if they try to download a file after the time has expired.

If a customer is not able to download the product before the time expires and contacts you for assistance, you can send a new set of keys by going either to the Download Files screen or to the Orders screen and viewing the order, then clicking Send Keys.

Download Retry Limit
Specify the number of download attempts that a customer can make after completing a purchase. Each customer receives a unique URL for use in downloading a product. Keeping the Retry Limit low can help to prevent lost revenue caused by a customer sending the download URL to other people.

If a customer is not able to download the product before exceeding the retry limit and contacts you for assistance, you can send a new set of keys by going to the Orders screen and viewing the order and then clicking Send Keys.

MIME Types
The values in the MIME Types field affect the information that ShopSite sends in the HTML content header when a customer starts a download. This allows the customerís browser to call the proper application for the type of file being downloaded. Each entry has two fields: the MIME type and one or more file extensions associated with that MIME type. For example, if you are selling Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files, you should include the following line in this field:

application/pdf pdf

The fields are separated by white space and are case-insensitive. Note that the period is not included in the file extension field. Here are some examples of MIME type entries (the italic description is not part of the entry):

audio/mpeg mpga mp2 mp3 MPEG audio files with various file extensions
application/x-aim aim AOL Instant Messenger File
application/x-cdf cdf Channel Definition File
application/x-shockware-flash swf Shockwave Flash file
image/gif gif GIF image file
image/jpeg jpeg jpg A JPG image file.
image/bmp bmp dib A bitmap image file.
image/tiff tiff tif A TIF image file.
text/html html htm HTML files with either .html or .htm extensions
text/plain txt text A plain text file in ASCII format.
application/x-compress z compressed file with .z extension
application/x-zip-compressed zip zipped file with .zip extension
application/octet-stream exe An executable application in binary format.
application/mac-binhex40 hqx A BinHex encoded Macintosh file.
application/pdf pdf An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file.
audio/midi mid midi A sound file in the MIDI format.
audio/wav wav A sound file in WAV format.
Include URLs on Thank You Screen
Check this box to have ShopSite make the product name on the Thank You screen into a hyperlink so that the customer can download the product. (The Thank You screen is the page that customers see in their browser window after completing a purchase.) This gives the customer immediate access to the files. However, this will give customers access to the files before you have had a chance to verify that their credit card information is valid, unless you have configured your payment processor for immediate authorization and capture.
Include URLs on Customer Receipt
Check this box to have ShopSite put URLs for downloading files in the e-mail receipts sent to customers.
Message text when sending download keys to customer
This message will be included with the download link in the E-mail sent to a customer when you send download keys to a customer.
Text Preceeding Error Messages
ShopSite will display an error message to a customer when there is a problem downloading a file (download time or number of retries has been exceeded, file not found). Enter any text and HTML here that you want to appear above the error message. You may want to include contact information for your store so that the customer has a way to resolve the problem.
Text Following Error Messages
Enter any text and HTML that you want to appear after the error message. You may want to include a "thank you" comment and a link back to your store to encourage further shopping.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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