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Canada Post Shipping


If you have not previously configured Canada Post shipping, you will be required to Register for Canada Post Shipping before seeing this screen.

Use the fields on this screen to select the Canada Post services that you want to offer your customers and to configure additional Canada Post shipping options.


When using a real-time shipping quote service, you should also set up a simple shipping table (such as Flat Shipping) to use as an alternate in case of a time-out waiting for the real-time quote provider. The simple shipping rate will be displayed, even when real-time shipping rates are available, so you should name and set your rates in an appropriate manner.

Canada Post Services

Domestic Services
Check the Canada Post domestic shipping services (i.e., within Canada) that you want to offer to your customers. Note that not all services are available for all destinations. Options include:
  • Regular Parcel
  • Expedited Parcel
  • Xpresspost
  • Xpresspost Certified
  • Priority
  • Library Books
United States Services
Check the Canada Post shipping services that you want to offer to your US customers. Note that not all services are available for all destinations. Options include:
  • Expedited Parcel USA
  • Priority Worldwide Envelope USA
  • Priority Worldwide Pak USA
  • Priority Worldwide Parcel USA
  • Small Packet USA Air
  • Small Packet USA Surface
  • Xpresspost USA
International Services
Check the Canada Post shipping services that you want to offer to your international customers (not including the United States). Note that not all services are available for all destinations. Options include:
  • Xpresspost International
  • International Parcel Air
  • International Parcel Surface
  • Priority Worldwide Envelope International
  • Priority Worldwide Pak International
  • Priority Worldwide Parcel International
  • Small Packet International Air
  • Small Packet International Surface

Canada Post Options

Select Special Services (for domestic shipments only)
Signature Options include:
  • Signature required
  • Proof of age (either 18 or 19)
Flexible Delivery Options
Flexible Delivery options include:
  • None
  • Card for pickup
  • Leave at door
  • Do not safe drop

Canada Post Shipping Rates

Select Shipping Rates
Choose whether you want to use List rates or Account rates when determining shipping costs. You can also adjust the rates up or down by a percentage before they are displayed to the customer using the appropriate field. Note: You can change the plus or minus sign depending on your preference and are not limited to adding to the accounts rate and subtracting from the list rate.
Delivery Transit Time
Set the check box if you want an estimate on delivery transit time to be displayed along with the shipping rates.

Liability Coverage

Declared Value
This is the maximum declarable value for a shipment.

Maximum Package Weight

Maximum weight per package (up to 66 lbs)
Set the maximum weight that you will put in each box that you ship. (Note that you must use the same unit of measure throughout your store, either pounds or kilograms.) If the combined weight of all products in an order exceeds this weight, ShopSite will charge for multiple boxes. This value should be at least as large as the weight of the heaviest product that you sell.

Minimum Order Weight

Use minimum order weight if total order weight is less
Check this box and enter a minimum weight to have ShopSite use the minimum order weight if the combined weight of all products in an order is less than the minimum specified.

Missing Product Weight

E-mail alert settings
Click on Change to configure missing product weight E-mail settings. A pop-up window will open and let you set the following options:

E-mail Settings

Send E-mail Check this box to have ShopSite send you an E-mail when it encounters a product with no weight configured.
E-mail Address Enter the E-mail address ShopSite should send the alert to.
This message will be added to the e-mailed alert, just under the product name. Enter any text you want included in the message after the name of the product without a configured weight.
Use minimum product weight
Check this box and enter a minimum product weight to have ShopSite charge shipping based on the minimum product weight for all products that have no weight defined.

Preferred language

Preferred language for Canada Post responses
Select either English or French from the drop-down to control which language the responses from Canada Post will appear in.

Customer Messages

Header for Error Messages
Enter a description for the UPS error messages that will be displayed to the customer.
No Canada Post server response
Enter a message that you want customers to see when the Canada Post server does not respond after ShopSite requests shipping charges for an order. This should be a very rare occurrence.
No Canada Post service for shipping address
Enter a message that you want customers to see when there is no Canada Post service available for the shipping address. For example, if you have only enabled UPS Ground and the customer enters a shipping address that requires air delivery, this message would be displayed.


Click this button to view your Canada Post User ID, password, and Access License key.
Click this button to see a list of products in your store that have a weight of zero. Products with zero weight will not incur the correct shipping charges. In most cases, you should define a real weight for each product.
Click this button to go through the Canada Post registration process again. You should re-register if you need to change your store’s address or other information.

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Last updated: May 13, 2013
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