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Australia Post Shipping Configuration

If you have not previously configured Australia Post shipping, you will be required to Register for Australia Post Shipping before seeing this screen. After you have entered your Australia Post account information, you can configure various options that will determine how shipping costs will be calculated.


When using a real-time shipping quote service, you should also set up a simple shipping table (such as Flat Shipping) to use as an alternate in case of a time-out waiting for the real-time quote provider. The simple shipping rate will be displayed, even when real-time shipping rates are available, so you should name and set your rates in an appropriate manner.

Australia Post Services

This section configures which Australia Post shipping methods you will allow.

Domestic Services
Select which Australia Post domestic services you will offer. Options include: Parcel Post, Express Post, Parcel Post Medium Satchel, and Express Post Medium Satchel.
International Services
Select which Australia Post international services you will offer. Options include: Air Mail, Sea Mail, and Express Post International.

Maximum Package Weight

Maximum weight per package
Select the maximum weight an individual package can weigh. Multiple products in an order will be combined in a single package up to the specified weight. The maximum allowed weight for Australia Post Domestic Services is 48 lbs. For international services, the maximum weight is 44 lbs.

Minimum Order Weight

A Minimum Order Weight can be substituted if the estimated package weight is below a specified level.

Use minimum order weight if total order weight is less
Check the box to use a minimum order weight, then enter the weight you want to use as a minimum. If the total order weight is below the minimum weight, Australia Post will calculate the costs based off the minimum weight value.

Missing Product Weight

ShopSite allows you to indicate a weight per product, which will be used to calculate the order weight. If you have not indicated a product weight, you can apply a generic product weight, and have ShopSite notify you when products without a weight are ordered.

E-mail alert settings
Click the Change button to configure E-mail alert options. Clicking the button will create a pop-up window that will let you turn e-mail notification on or off, specify a recipient e-mail address, and a message that will be sent.
Use minimum product weight
Check the box to automatically apply a minimum product weight for products without a weight specified. Enter the minimum weight to be used in the text box.

My Own Box

Enter the dimensions of the box you will use for shipping. Defaults to 20x15x10.


Number of seconds to wait for a response from Australia Post before informing the customer
Use the dropdown menu to select the number of seconds ShopSite should wait for a response from Australia Post for a returned rate. Defaults to 15.

Customer Messages

Configure messages customers will see if ShopSite encounters an error trying to calculate Australia Post shipping costs.

Header for Error Messages
The text in this box will be included at the beginning of any Australia Post error message the customer sees.
No Australia Post server response
The text in this box will appear in the error message if ShopSite is unable to contact the Australia Post server to calculate shipping costs.
No Australia Post service for shipping address
The text in this box will appear in the error message if Australia Post indicates they do not ship to the address specified.


Clicking on Zero Weight Products or Save will save your changes made on this screen. Any other button will abandon your changes.

Click on this button to view your Austalia Post account information.
Zero Weight Products
Click this button to see a list of products in your store that do not have shipping weights specified.
Click this button if you want to change your Austalia Post account.
Click this button to save changes on this screen and return to the Shipping Configuration screen.
Click this button if you want to abandon your changes and return to the Shipping Configuration screen.

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Last updated: October 09, 2013
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