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Products with Zero Weight or Weight over 150 LBS

This screen lists all of the products in your store that have a shipping weight greater than 150 lbs. or a shipping weight less than or equal to zero. If you are using Shipping By Weight or a real-time shipping calculator, you should make sure all of your products have an accurate shipping weight so that shipping costs can be calculated accurately. To change the weight of a product, click in the "Weight (lbs)" cell and provide the new weight value for the product.

If an ordering option is reducing the product weight to zero or below, a "view/edit" link appears in the Order Options column that will take you to the Order Options with Zero Weight or Weight over 150 LBS page to make changes. This page is like the Products with Zero Weight or Weight over 150 LBS page, but has two cells (Weight Modifier and Net Weight) that can be edited. Use the radio button to select whether you want to use the product option's Weight Modifier or the Net Weight when setting a product option's weight.

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Last updated: Mary 29, 2012
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