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ShopSite Promotions and Sales FAQs

Here is a list of questions and answers about offering special promotions and sales in your store.

How do I put products on sale?

Putting a product on sale requires setting a sale price and telling ShopSite to display the sale price. From the list of products, select a product that you want to put on sale, then click Edit Product Info. Enter a value in the On Sale Price field. At the bottom of the screen, click Edit Product Layout. Check the On Sale Toggle checkbox, then scroll down and click Save Changes. Click the Publish tab to make your changes appear in your store, and your product is on sale!

You can enter an On Sale Price for all products when you add them to your store or anytime after that in preparation for when you’ll put some or all of them on sale -- ShopSite will not display the sale price until you check the On Sale Toggle checkbox. If you are using ShopSite Pro or ShopSite Manager, remember to use PowerEdit when you want to set On Sale Prices or the On Sale Toggle for more than one product at a time.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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