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Copy Page

You can create a new page for your store by copying an existing page. The new page will keep most of the settings from the original page, which can save you time and ensure that your pages are consistent throughout your store.

Original Page
(Read only) The name of the page that the new page will be copied from. If this is not the correct page, click Cancel and select a different page.
Copy Page Name
Type the name that you want for the new page. This field is required.
Include Page links and Assigned Products
Check this box to copy the assigned page links and products from the original page to the new page. When this box is checked, the new page will have all the same settings as the original page except for these fields:
  • Page Name
  • Link Location
  • File Name

Note that the new page will have the same links to other pages as the original page, but no pages will have links to the new page. After copying the page, select the new page and click Edit Page Content to add links to the new page by checking the boxes in the Link Location field.

File name
This setting is optional. Use this field to give the page a file name that describes the page's contents, such as "wooden_toys.html" or "customer_service.html." Be sure to put a .html or .htm suffix on the end of the file name, or the page will not display correctly. If you do not assign a name to the page, it will have a default file name, such as page1.html or page2.html.

The file name cannot contain spaces or any of the following characters: '?', '+', '=', '&', '@'

When you have configured the copy settings, click the Copy button to copy the page, or click Cancel to return to the Pages screen without copying the page.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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