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Key Generation Wizard Steps

The Key Generation Wizard will guide you through the process of creating and implementing a new Merchant Key. If you have been using Merchant Key encryption and are replacing the existing key, make sure you no longer need to access payment information saved with orders created under the old key. Payment information can only be decrypted using the key matching the one used to encrypt it. Generating a new key will effectively make payment information from previous orders inaccessible.

If you have been using Merchant Key encryption already, you should turn off Merchant Key encryption prior to continuing with the Key Generation Wizard. This will prevent problems viewing payment information for any orders recieved between when the wizard is started and when the new key is uploaded.


You will not be able to generate or upload a merchant key if ShopSite is not configured to use SSL. You must enable SSL on your server before generating a Merchant Key.

The next step is to Generate the Merchant Key.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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