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ShopSite allows you to offer discounts based off the purchase ammount of an order, or on the quantity of a product or group of products ordered. To configure discounts based off the purchase ammount, click Discount Schedule.

To apply quantity discounts across a group of products, click the Quantity Groups button to create product groups. Once you have created product groups, you can create the quantity discount tables and assign products to groups when you add or edit individual Products.

Discount Schedule

The discount schedule allows you to offer discounts to your customers based upon the amount of an order. For each level of discount that you want to offer, fill in the following fields:

Order Subtotal
The price range to be discounted.
The discount amount.
Click the radio button to indicate that the Discount is either a percentage amount (for example, 10% off purchases over $100) or a currency amount (for example, $10 off purchases over $100).

Fill out as many rows as needed to create the discount structure that you want to offer your customers. You may want to enter an extremely large amount in your final row to cover the largest subtotal that you anticipate in your store. For example:

Once you fill out the form, the discounts will be applied to every order that qualifies for a discount. The discounts are taken off the product subtotal before tax and shipping are figured into the price.


The Discount Schedule can only be used to give discounts based on checkout sub-totals, and are applied to all customers. The Reward Program feature and Coupons feature provide options for providing more specialized discounts.

To test your discount schedule, go to your store and place an order. Verify that if the price does not qualify for a discount, no discount is made. However, when the price does fall into a discount range, the exact amount of the discount appears in the shopping cart along with an intermediate subtotal before tax and shipping are added.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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