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Merchants can boost shopper confidence, leading to more completed orders, by signing up with buySAFE. After buySAFE approves a merchant, they will allow the merchant to display a buySAFE seal, and customers can insure their purchases with a buySAFE bond for a nominal fee. The customer is then guraranteed a refund through buySAFE if the merchant fails to deliver the order.

For more information about how buySAFE can help your business, see our ShopSite and buySAFE information page.

Signing Up for buySAFE

buySAFE requires merchants to complete a detailed application to verify that the merchant is reliable and trustworthy. To apply for a buySAFE account, go to the buySAFE website, click Apply Now, and fill out the online application.

After being approved by buySAFE, you will receive an e-mail from buySAFE containing authentication data, which you will need to paste into the appropriate fields on your ShopSite store's buySAFE configuration screen.


buySAFE feature Select the On radio button to enable buySAFE in your store. If you have not completed the Test Authentication, the On button will be disabled.

buySAFE Authentication

Before you can enable buySAFE on your site, you must complete the authentication. The information you need to authenticate will be provided to you from buySAFE after your account has been created.

Seal Authentication data Paste the Seal Authentication Data, provided to you from buySAFE, into the field.
Store Authentication data Paste the Store Authentication Data, provided to you from buySAFE, into the field.
Authentication status Click on Test Authentication to test your settings. After passing the test, you will see Authentication was successful. Bonding is enabled below the button. You can now turn the buySAFE feature on.

After you have authenticated with buySAFE, a link to Login to buySAFE will appear. Click this link to open the buySAFE merchant account login screen in a new window.

buySAFE Seal Placement

Link to buySAFE image Copy the contents of this field and paste it into your Store Footer or on your custom HTML pages to display the buySAFE logo on those pages.

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Last updated: March 01, 2010
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